Step 1 – FREE Consultation

Step 1: A free one-hour consultation.


Yes, you heard it right; the first step is to have a free consultation that will not be charged. This consultation will run for about an hour where the authorized and licensed vendor advocate from sellers agents will come to your house at your convenience (also available on weekends and after office hours). This personal visit from the vendor advocate from sellers agents will help you save time and also traveling expenses. Also, the personal visit will include an honest and in-depth analysis of your current house. The vendor advocate from sellers agents will then give you an unbiased appraisal for your house so that you can understand how much you can realistically get for your precious home. We want to meet all the stakeholders who will be deciding on selling the house. It will not be a problem if you are overseas and not in South Africa; we can use video calling features from Skype or face time at a time that is preferable to you.

When selling your house, you must understand that most sellers will give you false expectations and high hopes with over inflated prices for your house. They all will want to get the most money for your house. This alone can open you up to the danger of getting an agent who will lie to you. AT sellers agents, we use scientific methods to determine the price that your house Is most likely to sell thereby preventing any heartache that you may have in the future about your expectations not being met. All of the vendor advocates from sellers agents have tons of expertise and have been on the field for many years. They will not sugar-coat your proposal and advertisements so that an agent gets your listing.

Sellers agents may also be able to offer you our seamless service. This is made available to the sellers who have not yet purchased their new homes. In the seamless service, we will also oversee the selling of your old house and also the buying a new property of your liking. We will do all the heavy lifting, and you do not have to deal with multiple people at these times. You will not be burdened with the paperwork that is associated with buying as well as selling.


5 Easy Steps

Step 1

You get an hour consultation free of charge.

Step 2

You will be engaging with your vendor advocate.

Step 3

You will be geared up to sell your property.

Step 4

There will be a campaign in this regard.

Step 5

The sale will happen.

FREE 1 Hour Consultation

Part of the consultation will include the Appraisal of your home. We are happy to come and meet with you in your home at a time and day that suits you best. After hours and weekends are fine!

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