Step 2 –Engaging a vendor advocate.

Step 2: Engaging your vendor advocate from sellers agents.


This is one of the most crucial steps that is involved in the whole process of selling your house. You will engage with your professional vendor advocate from sellers agents and also start with all the legal documentation that is involved in selling a property. You will be following through along with the vendor advocate from sellers agents on things like choosing a solicitor or a conveyance. You will also be consulted on preparing a statement for the vendor and complete all of the necessary forms that accompany it. This is one of the stages that will require most of your attention. Most of the steps after this are easy and not demanding.

To engage your vendor advocate from sellers agents, you will have to fill out some forms that give them the authority to act on your behalf in matters that can be handled by them. It Is after this that the vendor advocate from sellers agents will start to guide you on all of the aspects of selling your real estate. These forms are very important, and you can not put your prime property on the market without these. The vendor advocate from sellers agents can help you with choosing a solicitor, or a conveyance of you do not already have one of your own in mind. You will also be guided on how to get your vendor’s statement ready at this stage.


5 Easy Steps

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Step 2

Engaging your Vendor Advocate

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