Step 4 -The campaign.

Step 4: Campaigning for your house.


One of the most important parts of selling a house is the campaigning part. People cannot buy your house if they do not know about it can they? The campaigning part kicks in when a listing of your precious property has gone up online. Open day dates have been decided, and the house is staged properly to be appealing to the visitors who are prospective buyers looking to buy your house. The vendor advocate from sellers agents will help you in every single step when it comes to the important art that is campaigning and marketing. They will also be in constant touch with your real estate agents to solve any small or big glitches that might arise. The vendor advocate from sellers agents will also ask for weekly reports from the real estate agent and evaluate them with an eagle eye. Any mistakes or improvements will be implemented as soon as possible. The vendor will also keep an eye on the real estate agent so that he or she is living up to his or her word that was given during the time of the interviews before selection. Our communications are transparent, and you can have a look at them at any time. This ensures that you do not get a green sock or something like that later on during the sale. It is during this stage that most clients start to become nervous about the sale because of the lack of communications. The vendor advocate from sellers agents will be at your side, and you can contact them at any time to talk about any developments that you find troubling. The vendor advocate from sellers agents are all very well experienced and will not hesitate to give you suggestions at any time.


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Step 4

The Campaign

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